Love of May (6-mayo-2005)

1. 거울 (Mirror)

2. 떠나지마 (Don’t Leave)

3. 같은생각 (Same Thought)

4. 벌 (Punishment)

5. Buen Camino ft. 강수지(Kang Susie)

6. 눈물 (Tears)

7. Everything

8. Don’t

9. 미안해… 널 잊어서…(I’m sorry I left you)

10. A song for you

11. 몰래 카메라

12. 사랑… 사랑… (Love…Love…)

13. 후에… (Later…)

14. 선물 (Present)

The Beginning, New Days (8-agosto-2007)

1. The Beginning

2. Island

3. 첫사람 (First Person)

4. 다알면서 (You know it all)

5. 모든게 다 너야 (Everything is you)

6. 혼잣말 (Monologue)

7. 나이 (Age)

8. 여자들은 좋겠다 (Women must be glad)

9. 눈물이 글썽 (Tearful Eyes)

10. 중심 (Center)

11. 우리가 처음 만난날 (The day we first met)

12. 悲의비 (Rain of Sorrow)

13. l Luv You

Live And Let Live (26-agosto-2008)

1. Live and Let Live

2. Awaken

3. 그대라서 (Because of You)

4. 사랑하기 좋은 날 (A Good Day to Love) (Ft. Honey Lee)

5. Urban fever (Ft. Showgun)

6. Waltz

7. Love Actually (Ft. Vink)

8. 피터팬의 세레나데 (Peter Pan’s Serenade)

9. Promise (Ft. Park Seung Hwa)

10. 후유증 (Sequelae)

11. Awaken (Instrumental)

Keep Leaves (17-febrero-2009)

1. Keep leaves..part1

2. 거짓말이라도 (Even if it’s a lie)

3. 왜 전화했어… (Why did you call…?)

4. 내가 죽어가 (I’m about to die)

5. 사랑병 (Love disease)

6. Keep leaves..part2

7. Love letter

8. Beautiful girl

9. 그자리에서 (Here)

10. Still

11. 그대라서 (Because of You) (Instrumental)

The Road Not Taken (16-junio-2011)

1. 다른 사람 사랑하지마 (Don’t Love Anyone Else)

2. 째각째각 (Tick Tock)

3. 생각해봐요 (Think About It)

4. 조금 더 가까이 ft. 영준 (Just a Bit More)

5. Special Love

6. 별을 따다 (Pick a Star)

7. 이별을 꿈꾸다 (Dreaming of Breakup)

8. 너 없인 (Without You)

9. Before & After

10. 안녕 그리고 안녕 ft. 남규리 & Eric (Hello and Goodbye)

Álbumes japoneses

Find Voice in Song (24-febrero-2010)

1. 虹の向こう (Over the Rainbow, title tract)

2. 君の夢 (Your Dream)

3. 友達 (Friend)

4. Night Date

5. Gone Today

6. コトバにできない

7. 僕らの永遠 (Our Eternity)

8. もっと君と (More with You)

9. 春の中で (In the Spring)

10. 銀河 (Galaxy)

11. 遠い世界 (Distant World)

My Everything (24-febrero-2010)

1. 鏡 (Mirror)

2. 同じ想い (Same Thought)

3. Buen Camino feat.カン・スジ

4. Everything

5. First Love (also known as First Person)

6. すべてが君だから (Everything is You)

7. 僕たちがはじめて出逢った日 (The Day We First Met)

8. 君だから (Because of You)

9. 後遺症 (Sequela)

10. 嘘でも (Even if It’s a Lie)

11. どうして電話したの… (Why Did You Call…)

12. 僕が死んでゆく (I’m Dying)

13. Love Letter

14. あなたですね with Lyn (It’s You)

15. メアリ (Echo)

16. 恋人 (Lover)

17. どうして電話したの… (Why Did You Call… Japanese version)


Embrace (27-diciembre-2011)

1. Fall (Intro)

2. 돌아와줘 (Come Back to Me)

3. Stay

4. 사랑해 (I Love You)

5. 내겐 꿈 같은 하루 ft. 박지윤 (Dreamlike Day to Me)

6. 끝인사 (Last Farewell)

7. Goodnight (Outro)



  • 이지훈 4.5집 Special With…(Lee Ji Hoon) – Doll
  • 수호천사
  • DJ철의 Cross Over Vol.1 – Shining Good – Dog life (빛좋은 개살구) – Hyesung, Rap Eric, HuInChang
  • The Gift (1st Gift) -나를 받으옵소서


  • ‘S’ : Fr.in.Cl 강타,신혜성,이지훈 (Kangta, Hyesung, Lee JiHoon)


  • ‘S’ : Fr.in.Cl 강타,신혜성,이지훈 (Kangta, Hyesung, Lee JiHoon) versión japonesa
  • Lee Jihoon 이지훈 (‘Trinity’) track 01. 이별이야기 (Hyesung, Lee JiHoon & Lee SoYoung)
  • ‘나의 이야기’-연인 (Jang Nara con Hyesung)
  • 통일염원 Special Album ‘사랑 (Love) – ‘그날이 오면’ (Hyesung, Minwoo, Dongwan)


  • Michael Learns To Rock ‘All The Best’ – Take Me To Your Heart (dúo con HyeSung)
  • SMAP ‘Sample Bang'(1 cd + 2single-04. ハヌル~ヨン ウォン サラン~ {하늘~영원한 사랑~=そら~永遠の愛~}(con Hyesung)


  • 선민 Thanx 혜성 (‘SunMin thx Hyesung’)
  • Keep Holding U (With Sun Min ) (Track No. 1)
  • 옛사랑 [The Story Of Musicians] – 시를 위한 시 (신혜성)
  • 컴필레이션 음반 [동화(冬話)] – Compilation songs Dong Hwa
  • 사랑…후에 (Love…..after ) (신혜성, Lyn(린)) (Track No. 1.)


  • Jo Young Soo “all star” album LOVER
  • Kim Dong Wan [Kim Dong Wan Is] – “Remaining Person (남은 사람)” dúo con Kim Dong Wan


  • Shin Hye Sung & Lyn [He Said… She Said…] – “It’s You” dúo con Lyn
  • Social Enterprise logo song – “Beautiful Social Enterprise”
  • I Love Asia Project – “Smile Again” varios artistas
  • Color Project [Color Purple] – “Purple Rain”

  • ‘S’ “Breath”  [April Snow]
  • “Don’t You Know (모르겠나요)”  [Super Rookie]
  • “I Promise”  [101st Proposal]


  • “Ocean Blue” dúo con Lee Min Woo  [Let’s Go to the Beach]
  • “Day after Day” en un drama japonés [Alone In Love]


  • “You Are the Wind (그대는 바람)”  [Bad Love]


  • “Words Said by the Eyes” [Gourmet]
  • “Together Tetris” en un juego online [Tetris Returns]


  • “You’re Beautiful” [A Man Who Can’t Get Married]


  • “Timeless Memory” [The Invincible(무적자)]


  • “Like Bitterness Like Admiration(如怨如慕/여원여모)”  [The Princess’s Man] parte 2


  • Shinhwa Vol. 2 “At Your Side (너의 곁에서)”
  • Shinhwa Vol. 3 “Never Come To Me” (co-escritor)
  • Shinhwa Vol. 3 “Vortex” (co-escritor)
  • Shinhwa Vol. 3 “Wedding March”
  • Shinhwa Vol. 4 “Hey, Come On”
  • Shinhwa Vol. 4 “Falling In Love”
  • Shinhwa Vol. 4 “Sure I Know”
  • Shinhwa Vol. 4 “바램 ( I Swear)”
  • Shinhwa Vol. 6 ” Red Sunset (노을)”
  • Shinhwa Vol. 7 “Oh” (co-escritor con Minwoo)
  • Shinhwa Vol. 9 “Destiny of Love (흔적)”
  • Shin Hye Sung Vol. 1 “Don’t Leave” (co-escritor con JPS)
  • Shin Hye Sung Vol. 1 “Same Thought” (co-escritor con Park Chang Hyun)
  • Shin Hye Sung Vol. 1 “Punishment (벌)” (co-escritor con Kim Do Hyun)
  • Shin Hye Sung Vol. 1 “A Song For You”
  • Shin Hye Sung Vol. 1 “After… “
  • Shin Hye Sung & Lyn [He Said… She Said…] “Echo”
  • Group S Fr. in Cl “I Swear” (escribió la letra en inglés)
  • Group S Fr. in Cl “I Believe”
  • S.E.S Vol. 1 “Good-Bye” (Rap por Eric)
  • S.E.S Vol. 2 “Kiss” (Rap por Eric)
  • Shinhwa Vol. 8 “Midnight Girl” (Nuevos arreglos de la melodía para la versión balada)

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