A Day Of Renew (22-octubre-203)

1. Prologue
2. 새로운 날에 (A Day of Renew)
3. Somehow Somewhere
4. 노을
5. One Day
6. 헤어지기 전에 (Before Parting)
7. Music
8. Zero (Love in Vain)
9. Dream Maker
10. 그래볼께 (Yes I Will)
11. This Way
12. Be Mine Tonight
13. 집으로 오는 길 (On the Road to Home)
14. Music (Alternate Version)

Aurora (27-septiembre-2004)

1. Happy Face (해피 페이스)
2. Aurora (오로라)
3. Eyes
4. Interlude
5. Go By
6. Good Luck
7. Into You (feat. Hi-D)
8. Thank You
9. Sweet Potato
10. Dreaming
11. Higher
12. Blue Juice
13. Little Boy

Made In Sea (26-enero-2006//20-marzo-2006)


1. Intro
2. Find The Way
3. Diary (우리 다시)
4. V.I.P
5. Destiny
6. Forever Love (사랑할꺼야)
7. One Step Slower (내게로)
8. Beyond
9. Place of Sun (곁에 있으니까)
10. Like A Shining Star -(One Take Ver) (이름없는 별)
11. Here I Am Waiting (이렇게 난)
12. V.I.P (Remix por East4A)
13. Find The Way (Instrumental)

DVD (Repackged)

                                                                                                        1. Showcase Footage (쇼케이스 현장 스케치)

2. Find The Way Music Video
3. Find The Way Music Video Making Of (뮤직비디오 제작 현장)

바다를 바라보다 – Look at the Sea (6-agosto-2009)

1. Intro (바다를 바라보다)
2. Yes I’m In Love Ft. Taecyeon (2PM)
3. MAD Ft. Untouchable
4. 여자는 울고 (Women Shed Tears)
5. Dilemma
6. Dance Mission
7. 오후의 산책 (Afternoon Walk)
8. Honey Honey
9. Generation Next
10. 웃어라, 캔디야 (Smile, Candy!)
11. Reach Out
12. MAD – Special Rap Ver Ft. Untouchable
13.  나요…(con Eugene) (I…)


Start (16-noviembre-2006)

1. Go Go Go (고고고)
2. That Smile (있잖아)
3. Pockerface  (ft.MC Rink) (가면)
4. Go Go Go (Instrumental) (고고고)

Queen (26-julio-2007)

1. Queen ft. Iseho (이세호)
2. Allegro ft. Mario
3. Queen (Remix por Jung Hun Lee (이정훈))

Singles Digitales

Think About’ Chu (4-enero-2008)

1. Think About’ Chu

2. Think About’ Chu (Instr.)

Yes, I’m In Love (9-octubre-2009)

1. Yes I’m In Love Ft. 2PM Taecyeon (택연)

Strong World (12-febrero-2010)

1. Strong World (스트롱 월드)
2. Strong World (MR) (스트롱 월드)

King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo OST Part.4 (제빵왕 김탁구) (22-julio-2010)

1. 단 한사람

나와 같이 (16-septiembre-2011)

 1. 나와 같이 (Original Mix)
2. 나와 같이 (Bada Vista Selly Club Mix)
3. 나와 같이 (Modern Retro Mix)
4. 나와 같이 (Pirouette Mix)
5. 나와 같이 (Video Mix)

A Thousand Kisses OST Part.4 (천 번의 입맞춤) (14-octubre-2011)

1. Sweet my love (단 한사람)


1. I’m Sorry, I Love You O.S.T. (2004)
2. Spring Waltz O.S.T. (2006)
3. Famous ‘Seven’ Princess O.S.T. (2006)
4. I Love You O.S.T. (2008)

5. It Hurts and Hurts – Glass Mask OST (2012)


 Rain – Like You ft. Bada (2002)
 Merry Christmas! I Love You (2004)
Miracle –  My Love, Born to be Loved (2004)
Park Myung Soo – Long Legs (ft. Bada) (2006)
Dynamic Duo – Dream ft. Bada (2007)
Notre-Dame de Paris OST Single – Bohemienne, Les Oiseaux Qu’On Met En Cage (Bada & Hyung Ryul Yun) (2008)

Shoo –With Me (con Bada, Eugene) (2010)

Fuentes: maniadb; Generasia

Créditos: mrssoo@leyendasdelkpop


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